Published On: November 23, 2023Categories: News

We are glad to announce the start of WOUNDSENS project, funded under the prestigious EIC Pathfinder Challenge 2022 “Towards the Healthcare Continuum: technologies to support a radical shift from episodic to continuous healthcare”.

The Kick-Off Meeting was held on November 23 at EvoEnzyme’s facilities in Madrid. This significant milestone showcased the project’s potential to revolutionize health monitoring. This four-year project is spearheaded by EvoEnzyme, in collaboration with the Universit√© de Lorraine and the NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute in Reutlingen, Germany.

The WOUNDSENS Project, titled “A Paradigm shift in health monitoring with electrospun enzymatic neomaterials”, was met with great enthusiasmy. Chronic non-healing wounds represent a significant public health challenge and, to date, no smart bandages have successfully reached the market. Since an effective and sensitive inspection method is needed, WOUNDSENS’s ambition is to lead the development of a new generation of wearable biosensors, integrating sensor elements directly into the wound dressing material.

The project is set to deliver a pioneering shift in smart wound dressings, employing innovative electrochemical materials, groundbreaking advances in conductive materials, electrospun neofibers, and enzyme engineering. These novel detection biocatalysts, comprising both resurrected and extant enzymes, are designed by directed evolution to ensure sensitive and reliable signaling.

By pushing the boundaries of technology, WOUNDSENS aims to redefine continuous wound control and monitoring, significantly improving the lives of millions and reducing healthcare system burdens.

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