Published On: May 20, 2024Categories: News

The WoundSens project is staffed by promising young researchers committed to advancement and innovation. The multidisciplinary approach of the project allows researchers from the area of nanomaterial science, as Romain Chevigny, and from the field of protein engineering, as Juan Carlos Martín, to share their knowledge and experience to jointly drive the development of novel solutions.

Knowing a little more about them, Romain Chevigny has recently joined to the Carbon Materials team of Institut Jean Lamour (IJL) as postdoctoral researcher. His work will be focused on the development of new carbon nanomaterials such as graphene, nano graphite and 3D graphenic structures. More specifically, he will work on functionalized and exfoliated graphite by different processes and will also study their incorporation into the spinnable material.

Within the EvoEnzyme team, Juan Carlos is conducting his doctoral thesis in the framework of the WoundSens project. Since the beginning of the project, Juan Carlos has been working with protein engineering techniques to adapt oxidoreductase-type enzymes to the wound microenvironment. In this sense, the aim is to obtain an enzyme optimized in terms of activity and thermostability to act as a robust biosensor in the conditions in which the bandage will be encountered.

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