Redefining wound care

Smart bandages for early detection of infections

Unleashing the power of biosensors in wound management

An EU-funded multidisciplinary approach

The burden of chronic injuries

Over 160 million people around the world suffer from non-healing wounds that need regular monitoring. Current detection methods for infections are invasive, expensive and unreliable, and new alternative methods often fail to integrate in manufacturing processes. Without a strategy for feasible production, innovations never reach the market.

An all-in-one solution

WOUNDSENS technology provides both the precise monitoring needed for effective care of patients, and a simplified manufacturing approach to facilitate implementation. All thanks to an innovative approach based on nanomaterials and enzymes. Our solution will provide healthcare professionals with valuable insights for timely intervention and improved patient outcomes.

Experts in the field

The WOUNDSENSE project consortium is comprised of leading institutions from the research, industrial and academic sectors. With this multidisciplinary team, and funding provided by the EIC Pathfinder Challenges, we aim to create a non-invasive method for the precise and effective care of chronic-wound patients.